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Japanese & Overseas Versions:
The Japanese versions are the discs released in Japan. However, consumer goods are quite expensive in Japan, so the record companies often make another version to be sold in other Asian countries at a lower cost. Don't worry, they're not illegal bootlegs, they're fully licensed, legitimate products. Usually the two versions are identical, but there may be slight differences, particularly with stuff like first pressing bonuses, etc. There may be bonus content on the Japanese version that is not found on the Overseas Version.

Maxi Singles vs. Regular Singles
A Maxi Single is a single that contains more than one unique song as opposed to a regular single which only contains one song.

"Be the One" - Regular Single
01. Be the One
02. Be the One (K-Muto Groovediggerz Remix)
03. Be the One (Instrumental)

"Quincy" - Maxi Single
01. Quincy
02. Konoyono Shirushi
03. Quincy (Instrumental)
04. Konoyono Shirushi (Instrumental)