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Here's an ever-expanding collection of animated graphics made by our staff and members. Click on the static preview image to view each animation in its full glory.

Countdown TV Oyuminasai

Title: Countdown TV Oyuminasai
Description: BoA in her Do The Motion outfit doing a hand signal
Dimensions: 200x150
Size: 358.11 KB
Author: Diana139
   Do The Motion

Title: Do The Motion
Description: A BoA performance of Do The Motion
Dimensions: 200x150
Size: 943.65 KB
Author: mulattagroove

Skechers CM

Title: Skechers CM
Description: Skechers Commercial
Dimensions: 150x113
Size: 673.77 KB
Author: sweet_confeshunz
   BoA Kissing A Fish

Title: BoA Kissing A Fish
Description: short animation of BoA Kissing A Fish in a plastic baggie
Dimensions: 220x165
Size: 210.96 KB
Author: Diana139

Jewel Song

Title: Jewel Song
Description: She's so beautiful.
Dimensions: 200x144
Size: 257 KB
Author: Diana139

Title: BoA With A Dinosaur
Description: she's petting a dinosaur o__O
Dimensions: 161x120
Size: 524.24 KB
Author: Diana139

BoA Point

Title: BoA Point
Description: LOL! oo BoA's pointing at you! =P
Dimensions: 207x160
Size: 295.96 KB
Author: Diana139
   Singing Jewel Song

Title: Singing Jewel Song
Description: She's so purdy, she's singing jewel song
Dimensions: 207x160
Size: 751.23 KB
Author: Diana139

Smug Innocecence

Title: Smug Innocence
Description: She's touching her hat! =P
Dimensions: 207x160
Size: 779.50 KB
Author: Diana139
   BoA's Peace Sign

Title: BoA's Peace Sign
Description: One of BoA's trademark signs
Dimensions: 100x75
Size: 205 KB
Author: hI^slyer

Pantech & Curitel CM

Title: Pantech & Curitel CM
Description: BoA's Pantech & Curitel CM (Fall 2004) featuring a song sung to the tune of Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Dimensions: 186x139
Size: 318 KB
Author: Queenie
   Calpis CM

Title: Calpis CM
Description: Scene from BoA's Calpis commercial featuring her song, Konoyono Shirushi
Dimensions: 130x98
Size: 235 KB
Author: danceErica

Lotte CM

Title: Lotte CM
Description: BoA biting into a piece of chocolate in her Lotte CM
Dimensions: 130x100
Size: 144.78 KB
Author: danceErica
   Lotte CM 2

Title: Lotte CM 2
Description: Another one of BoA's Lotte Commercials
Dimensions: 150x120
Size: 966.79 KB
Author: sweet_confeshunz

Elite CM

Title: Elite CM
Description: BoA in a red school uniform in one of her Elite commercials
Dimensions: 220x165
Size: 531.03 KB
Author: Billy-X
   Kose Fasio CM

Title: Kose Fasio CM
Description: BoA's Kose Fasio Commercial in 2004 featuring Quincy
Dimensions: 150x113
Size: 302.02 KB
Author: sweet_confeshunz

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