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Tears of BoA
The saddest BoA images of all time
Throughout her illustrious career, BoA has experienced a wide range of emotions. From the deep sorrow of the death of her manager, to the sheer euphoria of seeing tens of thousands of fans cheering her at her first concert, BoA has experienced more in five years than what many people experience in a lifetime.

The BoAjjang staff and members banded together to try and find images that captured these intense emotions. Starting May 31, BoAjjang members were given a chance to vote for the The Most Emotional BoA Images of All Time. These were images that evoked tears, a heart-warming response, or any other emotion. Members submitted 43 emotional BoA pictures ranging from crying, to shock, to tears of joy, to moments of meditation, to smiles that stretched from one ear to the other, and even a feisty BoA too. The 10 images that received the most votes turned out to be on the sad side of the spectrum.

So based on your votes, here are the results of the poll:

Note:Some images were resized. Click on the smaller images to view them in their full glory.

Rank: #01
Submitted by: soojini
Quote: "It always makes me tear to see BoA still try to sing while she cries."

Rank: #02
Submitted by: Ace
Quote: "Here BoA is shown receiving an award right after her manager passed away (R.I.P). It breaks my heart everytime I see this video. :("

Rank: #03
Submitted by: merry chri

Rank: #04
Submitted by: ptoor
Quote: "This is BoA being scolded by her manager for bringing water to close to the expensive studio equipment.

Rank: #05
Submitted by: eya

Rank: #06
Submitted by: eya

Rank: #07
Submitted by: eya

Rank: #08
Submitted by: Coolin
Quote: "This is from BoA's Jewel Song Music Video."

Rank: #09
Submitted by: dancErica

Rank: #10
Submitted by: dancErica

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Voting took place from May 31, 2005 to June 7, 2005 here.
A record of images submitted can be found here.